Posted on May 24, 2021 at 9:25 PM

While preparing for a long trip, I've dug threw a heap of US. Navy plue uniforms...and goyt side tracked when I attempted to sort them and hang them up....there is a couple dozen here to add I think, sailors and officers. so when I get back I'll attempt to add them to the site- some pretty old, butt the officers look very similar, and the Crackerjack-swabbies much the sme-and will be hard to make them really invidulized, but will get hts and jackets togeter-and check dome insignia and records and get them on the sit-a can of worms I've been avoing-best gjust get them on the site and be done with the-they will go into places to tell particular areas that are missing now-which is a lot. 

Otherthan the size and some insignia...and I suppose material the pretty near all look likke these two submariners. We'll get this organised and on the site, when I get some more time. Mark.

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