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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​

The M. D. Stone Uniform Collection

Military Specialists, Reporters & Cameraman: Military Specialists, Reporters & Cameraman: Official US. Army Photographer: In WWII many Reporters Photographers, Writers, and Artists, Even Movie Makers, were drafted up, some volunteered, The Government wanted to tell the story of the war-but much like now again-it was done under their terms, it was different in the 60's were for the first time-freedom of speech actually happened to some extent, but like everything good, in the process the Reporters and the networks had to put there own feelings first and twisted the darn story-much the the soldiers dismay. 206110226 Official US. Army Photographer: So the freedome of the fress-while we sit here under martial law still-though no one thinks about it, has bee squelched in the military once again and the news twist every damn thing that happens good and bad is twisted to hoe each network wants things to look for their political agenda - an If you realize it- you'll find that most disturbing and depressing, and frankly very Sad state of affairs - so I'm done telling the American Reporters story. 206110225 Official US. Army Photographer: Back to the Army Reporter of WWII, they did what was asked from them, and millions of factual stories endured. There were millions of photos, most still exist- and new ones coming out from the soldiers themselves are coming back to light. At the time much was edited out due to a strict control's and censorship of mail, and film etc...things that we did not want the enemy to be aware of-like losses, and damage etc. had to be cut out. 206110223 Official US. Army Photographer: And now for something a bit different right...This uniform project actually started with a broken helmets, of rusted helmets....They were sent to the 'The Guy' my friend in Australia, but this was made from 2, they really had them though and this is as close as I could get to one. 206110224 Official US. Army Photographer: The Helmet's front actually lifted up, pivoting on 1 pins. they were I think originally made from a request by Camera men, so some were made and sent out for trials, and there may have been dozens of them, but never really adopted, when you could just tilt the damn helmet back. 206110227 Official US. Army Photographer: But in the later 40's and into the 50's much of the story was re-enstated and great documentrys from these have been made. now in the 2020's that is once aging often leaning left or right again...but film has gotten much more refind, if not the development of computer generation coming to light, and I think back firing to some extent-where it can be totally realistic, and portray things a bit more un believable at times-great work with maximum effort, but lets keep it with-in what humans are capable of, the Allies won do to what people were willing to do save out freedoms,and that has not changed. 206110228 Official US. Army Photographer: The Reporter here isassigned to 'SHEAF' The American Command of the European Operations., originally stationed in England-till they moved to France and through Europe. So he would have been reporting on US. Command much of the time- and moving through the field when the Generals and Top players went to the Battle Grounds, and saw the troops etc., and very well mat have been involved when the War ended and moved into the Post War, in Germany, when SHEAF was re-designated, and became the Berlin Brigade. 206110229