There is a new book out-just in print / on-line, it will cover the HV/Sonderfuhrer (Beamte) People who supported the German Armed Forces of WWII, there may be a coupe other peoples uniforms in there too. but the books here carry mostly my uniform from the collection, this one should be interesting for you to read. I'll get the cover on here when I get the book myself.

New Book Up! Dienstanzug der Waffen-SS. Starts to show some of the other SS uniforms in the collections, thanks to Cyrus lees work, some more of the uniforms can be shown. M.D.Stone

Mark Stone working with Cyrus Lee, have several books out now, the newest out here now is under the Soldat title, Dienstanzug der Waffen-SS. Check it out! Order it on Amazon.

The first three books on the collection cover various aspects of the German Uniform's of WWII, then cam a Volume on the Grossdeutschland Division of the Heer-Wehrmacht. The a specialty book on the M36 uniforms of the early and pre-war years of the Heer Wehrmacht, there on Amazon, and from Soldat, I still have a hundred or so.

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